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Buyer Inspection

Before you make the investment in a home, our thorough inspection services ensure that you’re fully aware of its condition inside out. We are skilled and provide excellent services through innovative techniques. We believe in excellence.

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Builder’s Year-End Inspection

Our professional home inspection services can help you identify any major defects or system inadequacies including poor drainage, foundation flaws, faulty wires, plumbing, etc. Our property inspections are unparalleled.

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Pre-Listing/Seller’s Inspection

Our thorough pre-listing/seller’s inspection provides sellers with advanced information about the property’s current condition. This gives them more control over repairs and strengthens their negotiating situation.

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Our company leads through innovation, vision and commitment to quality. We deliver quality residential inspection services in San Antonio.

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Getting a home inspection can be daunting. Make sure it is being performed by a professionally licensed home & real estate inspector. We are here to help you with our home inspections.

But don’t just take our word for it. Look and see why we are the best home inspectors in San Antonio and the preferred buyer’s choice.

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Don’t Just Take our Word for it!

We are very pleased with David’s work. This is our second time purchasing a home. We are coming from Nashville,TN so you could understand how a great inspection we where looking for. David met our expectations and more, detailed, responsive, very knowledgeable! What amazed me was he physically checked the roof (no drone) our first home inspector was no way compared to my second experience. I can’t stress this enough this company is AMAZING if this had rating of ten starts, I would most definitely rate it that. Thank you so much for such amazing job.

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Nina Rodriguez

Amazing experience with David and his team. Responsive, thorough, and the inspection report was completed same day as inspection. He communicates well and follows up later for any questions or concerns. I highly recommend Monsivais Reliable Home Inspection.

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Steve Osborne

David is a phenomenal home inspector! Very helpful, knowledgeable, and will go above and beyond for you. I highly recommend David if you're trying to get a professional and thorough inspection.

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I cannot say enough positive things about this company. Our realtor who has been in the business for >12 years recommended David to us due to years of good service. We are first time home buyers and David helped us to not loose thousands of dollars. He pays attention to details that we never noticed and picked up on multiple short cuts that the renovating contractor took to save money which would ultimately have cost us a lot if it was missed. He worked hard to compile a very detailed report including photos of all the deficiencies he found and sent it to us on the day of the inspection. If you are looking for someone to do a thorough investigation and truly tell you exactly what you're paying for he is the guy. We would definitely be using his services in the future again.

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Hendre Du Toit

Before purchasing a One Year old Beautiful home we hired Monsivias Inspections and I am so glad we did ! Monisivias inspections Saved us over 300k and from a nightmare waiting to happen. This home was beautiful and absolutely perfect to the average buyer. What we could not see was another story.. This home was not built to code and many short cuts were taken . We were willing to pay top dollar for this home and Thanks to Monsivias Inspections in San Antonio we did not. This home was beautiful from the outside and Ugly on the inside. Some of the problems the inspectors found were inside the walls, to the entire stucco exterior needing to be re done due to no weep holes that cause mold in the walls, the roof under-layment that was installed backwards and nothing was to fire code, not even the fire place! The list could go on and on... Who would think a 1 yr old newly built beautiful home could have so many problems. Thankfully We hired the Best Monsivias Inspections were efficient , Through and Communicative. The report, pictures and how they took time to explain there findings exceeded our expectations. We would recommend Monsivias Inspections to all of our friends and family and we definitely will be calling them again when we find our dream home

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Susie DeLuna

Purchasing a home can be a daunting experience for a first time home buyer. I choose Monsivais Inspections for their impeccable reputation and renowned expertise. I am so thankful that I made this decision and am incredibly grateful to David and his team for their patience in educating me about the inspection process. As the inspection transpired, they kindly explained what they were doing, helping me to become more knowledgeable about the nuances of the home I was considering. This attention to detail allowed me to make the best decision for my family. I am so appreciative for everything! I highly recommend Monsivais Inspections...Your best interests are truly their top priority!

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Danielle Conques

Why Choose Monsivais Inspections?

We Know What we’re Doing

Our entire team is highly skilled to evaluate the condition of the house’s major systems and structural integrity. More than that, we are also able to evaluate how all these systems work together.

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We Offer Follow-Up Support

You get access to us even after we are done inspecting your house. We are available for free phone consultations as long as you live there. Whenever you have questions, simply call us at 210-836-7551.

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We Follow Professional Standards

We are neither affiliated with any contractor, nor do we solicit any of the work we recommend. We assure you that our recommendations are objective and unbiased. Expect nothing but honesty from us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As per the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, on an average, the home inspection costs between $300 and $500.

Some factors in determining the inspection fees include the size and age of a house. While some companies charge very low fees, there is usually a reason for that. They may typically do numerous inspections per day, and are willing to accept quantity over quality.

Unfortunately, that could mean that you are getting a poor quality inspection. We never schedule inspections back to back, and because of that, we will take the time needed to give you the type of inspection that you deserve.

Yes, we are. We hold a TREC PREI (Professional Real Estate Inspector) license. We are also educated in construction technology, and we can work independently.


There are a couple of other inspector license desiginations that fall in the TREC category. However, a PREI licence is different from the rest. Here’s how.

TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) offers three inspector level designations:

  • Apprentice Inspector
  • Real Estate Inspector
  • Professional Real Estate Inspector
Apprentice Inspector

An Apprentice Inspector is someone in training. They are required to train directly under the supervision of a Professional Real Estate Inspector. Once they’ve gained experience under this supervision along with completing certain educational requirements, the apprentice can sit for the exam to become a Real Estate Inspector.

Real Estate Inspector

A Real Estate Inspector is licensed to perform inspections. A Real Estate Inspector is also required to work under the indirect supervision of a Professional Real Estate Inspector.

Professional Real Estate Inspector

A Professional Real Estate Inspector is considered to be the highest-level inspector designation available iat this time. (We pride ourselves in holding this license). After meeting all requirements and obtaining this license, the Professional Real Estate Inspector is not required to be sponsored by another license holder to perform real estate inspection. We work independently.

Absolutely! You can attend the inspection.

As one of the most transparent professional home inspectors in San Antonio, TX, we encourage it! This will give you a better understanding of the current condition of the house, potential sale points, and/or any hidden issues.

In compliance with Texas Real Estate Commission SOP, we perform a visual observation of the house’sr systems including:

  • Structural components: foundation, roof, walls, windows, fireplaces etc.
  • Electrical Systems: entrance panels, sub panels, distribution, outlets, switches, lights, smoke detection
  • HVAC: Heat , cooling, and ducting
  • Plumbing Systems: pressure, bibs, leaks, sinks, baths, drains, and water heating equipment
  • Appliances: dishwasher, disposal, stove vent, range/oven, microwave, bath/kitchen vents, garage opener
  • Other Optional Systems: sprinklers, detached structures, private well/septic systems, swimming pools.

Keep in mind that the inspector examines only what is visible and readily accessible. They’re not moving appliances, personal belongings, or climbing over stored items.

The inspection standards, TREC SOP can be found here; click here.